Merchant's deal list

To allow merchants access the list of their deals, you need to create a new menu item for Deal Management page.

Create a new menu item, select CM Live Deal -> Deal Management as the menu item type.


In your front-end, login as a merchant and access the new menu item, you can see the list of merchant’s deals.


The list has 8 columns:

  • Title: Displays deal name and the name of the category which the deal is in.
  • Impressions: How many times the deal is showed in deal list to users.
  • Clicks: How many times users click the deal to view its details.
  • Captured: How many coupons of the deal that users have captured.
  • Redeemed: The number of redeemed coupons of the deal.
  • Approved: The deal is approved by administrators or is still in review.
  • Published: The deal is published.
  • Ending time: When the deal expires.

Click on deal name to edit the deal. If deal is already approved, merchant can only change starting date, ending date and published status. If the deal is not approved yet, merchant still can modify the deal’s details.