Open “xx-YY.com_cmlivedeal.ini” with a text editor and translate the English strings in this file to your new language.

Important note: Joomla! language INI files must be saved as UTF-8 without the Byte Order Mark (BOM). For more information on Byte Order Mark see

The above instruction is for translating the front-end of CM Live Deal component. To translate the back-end and other extensions, you need to repeat the above steps for the following folders:

  • CM Live Deal component’s back-end: <Joomla! root folder>/administrator/components/com_cmlivedeal/language/
  • CMLD Merchant plugin: <Joomla! root folder>/modules/mod_cmlivedeal_search/language/
  • CM Live Deal Search module: <Joomla! root folder>/plugins/user/cmldmerchant/language/