You can use your favorite FTP software or file managers available in your hosting control panel to navigate to <Joomla! root folder>/components/com_cmlivedeal/language/ folder. In this folder you can see the folder “en-GB”, this is where the language files of English are stored.

In this “language” folder, you create a new folder for your new language, the name of the folder is the language tag. Follow the above example, you create a new folder “fr-FR”.

Go to “en-GB” folder, copy “en-GB.com_cmlivedeal.ini” file in this folder to the new language folder that you just create (“fr-FR” as in the example).

In the new language folder folder, rename “en-GB.com_cmlivedeal.ini” to “xx-YY.com_cmlivedeal.ini”, “xx-YY” is the language tag of your new language, eg “fr-FR”.