If the membership component that you select in the configuration is not installed yet, you will get an empty page when access Membership Plans page.


If the component is already installed, you will get the list of membership plans.


After creating the plans in the membership component, you go back to CM Live Deal’s Membership Plans to create the plans to connect CM Live Deal and the membership component, click “New” button on the toolbar to create a new plan.


  • Plan name: The name of the membership plan. Used internally in CM Live Deal only, only visible to administrators.
  • Integrated plan: The membership plan of the integrated membership component.
  • Deal quantity: The maximum deal quantity that merhant is allowed to created. You can enter -1 for unlimited quantity.
  • Length: The number of days that merchant’s deals are published on the site.
  • Created date: When the plan is created.
  • Created by: The user who creates the plan.
  • Modified date: The user who does the last modification.
  • Modified by: When the last modification is maded.
  • ID: Record number in the database.

If in the future you switch to a different membership component, you need to edit each of your plans, select the new membership component’s plan in “Integrated plan” option, otherwise the integration will be broken.