CM Live Deal's Documentation / Coupon template

Coupon template

After capturing a deal, a coupon for the deal is available for user. User can print coupon or show it on his/her phone to merchant.

To design how coupon on your site looks like, go to Components -> CM Live Deal -> Coupon Template.


In the form, you can use HTML and CSS to design your coupon.


To display the information of deal on your coupon, you can use the following tags (shortcodes):

  • {code}: Coupon’s code.
  • {qrcode}: Coupon’s QR code.
  • {deal}: Deal’s name.
  • {description}: Deal’s description.
  • {terms}: Deal’s fine print.
  • {merchant}: Merchant’s name.
  • {address}: Merchant’s address.
  • {phone}: Merchant’s phone.
  • {captured}: Date when the coupon is captured.
  • {expired}: Date when the coupon is expired.

When coupon is showed to user, the tags are replaced by deal’s information.