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Administratiors manage coupons

In your back-end, go to Components -> CM Live Deal -> Coupons to access the list of coupons.


You can edit an existing coupon be clicking on its code. You can also create a new coupon with your own custom coupon code and assign it to a specific user.


In the edit form, there are the following fields:


  • Code: Coupon code.
  • User: The user who owns this coupon.
  • Deal: The deal which this coupon belongs to.
  • Redeemed: Should be “Yes” if coupon is already redeemed by user.
  • Redeemed date: When this coupon is redeemed.
  • Created Date: The date the coupon is created.
  • Created by: The person who creates the coupon.
  • Modified Date: The date the coupon is modified the last time.
  • Modified by: The person who does the last modification.
  • ID: The ID of the coupon.