• FontAwesome: CMLiveDeal needs FontAwesome for icons. If your template or other extensions (like plugins) already loads FontAwesome then you should set this option to “Disabled” to not load FontAwesome from CMLiveDeal.
  • Date format: Date format that is used in front-end.
  • Time format: Time format that is used in front-end.
  • Geolocation service: The service you use to detect user’s location.
    • Disabled: Searching for deals which are near user’s location is disabled.
    • HTML5 Geolocation: Use Geolocation which is available in HTML5 technology.
    • Maxmind: Use GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind.
  • Search radius from user’s location: The radius in kilometer to search for nearby deals of user. Default is 5 kilometers. This value is used when user searches for deals in his/her location by using the search module.
  • Map provider: The map service which you want to use.
  • Map’s height: The height of Google’s maps, used in both front-end and back-end. Default value is 400px.
  • Map’s zoom level: Default Google Maps’s zoom level. Default value is 15.
  • Map’s default location: The default location of Google Maps when the map is displayed, used in both front-end and back-end. You can click on the map or move the marker to the location you want.
  • Google Maps API key: Enter your Google Maps API key to use with Google Maps in CMLiveDeal. You can get API key at
  • Falang integration: Enable this option if you use Falang.