• Deal detail: Enable/disable deal detail page.
    • As popup in deal list: Deal detail page is disabled. When you click a deal in deal list, a popup (modal) appears and displays deal’s info. You can close the popup and view another deal without leaving the deal list.
    • As separate page: Deal detail page is enabled. When you click a deal in deal list, you are taken to another page.
  • New deal notification: Send email to administrators when there is a new deal submitted.
  • Display merchant’s photos: Display the slideshow for merchant’s photos in deal’s popup.
  • Auto approve new deals: If enabled, new deals that are submitted by merchants are approved and published by default. Enable this option if you don’t want to manually check and approve/publish every submitted deal.
  • Merchant can edit published deals: Allow merchants to edit their own deals after the deals are published and visible to customers.
  • Prices and discount input: Enable options for original price, discounted price and fixed discount values of the deal in deal submission form.