Deal list


  • Deal list’s column quantity: The number of columns in deal list.
  • Thumbnail width: The width of deal image in deal list calculated by Bootsrap framework’s 12 grid column. You can select one of the 3 options and refresh your front-end deal list until it looks good for you. This option is only used if you only have 1 column in your deal list.
  • Default pagination limit: The quantity of deals that are displayed in deal list by default.
  • Show pagination sorting option: Show an option to select how deals in deal list are sorted.
  • Show price tag: Show price tag at the top left corner of every deal in deal list. This price tag contains discounted price, discounted value or discount percent.
  • Show original and sale prices: Show original price and discounted price of deal of it has these prices.
  • Price tag of deals which have sale price: If deal has original price and discounted price, you show discounted price or discount value (how much customers save). For example, if orginal price is $100, discounted price is $40, you can show $40 (discounted price) or $60 (discount value).
  • Show featured deals first: Show featured deals on the top of deal list.
  • Show ribbon for featured deals: Show a ribbon on the top right corner of feature deals.