• Coupon code’s length: The number of characters in a coupon code. Default value is 5.
  • Coupon’s characters: The character’s types in coupon code. Default is alphanumeric. Coupon code’s characters are always uppercase.
    • Latin alphabetic characters only (from A to Z): for example, “GWLCA”.
    • Latin numeric characters only (from 0 to 9): for example, “83061”.
    • Latin alphabetic and numeric: for example, “F52H2”.
  • Coupon format:
    • HTML: Coupon in HTML format (a web page).
    • PDF: Coupon in PDF format. You need to install mPDF library package. Please view PDF coupon section for more information.
  • QR code’s size: The size of coupon’s QR code in pixel.
  • Guest can get coupon: Allow guests can capture coupons without registering accounts.
  • Limit coupon quantity: Enable this option to give administrators and merchants ability to set and change coupon quantity for every deal. If this option is disabled, coupon quantity is unlimited.
  • Limit 1 coupon per registered user: Enable this option if you only allow a registered user to get 1 coupon for 1 deal. Disable this option if you want to allow registered users to get unlimited coupon for every deal.