CM Live Deal's Documentation / Configuration / CMLD Merchant plugin

CMLD Merchant plugin

CMLD Merchant (CM Live Deal - Merchant) is a Joomla! plugin to insert custom profile fields into Joomla! user profile. CMLD Merchant plugin provides the needed fields for merchant profile.

Please make sure that Joomla allows user registration. Click ‘User’ on left panel, a list expands, click ‘Manage’. Then click ‘Options’ button on toolbar.


Turn ‘Allow User Registration’ to ‘Yes’ /images/plg_user_option_allow_user_registration.png

Click ‘Save’ button, you will see the message ‘Configuration saved’ on top.


To configure the plugin, you click ‘System’ on the left panel, then click ‘Plugins’ under ‘Manage’ section on the right panel.


You can search for the plugin by using keyword ‘merchant’, ‘CM Live Deal’, etc… The plugin name is ‘User - CM Live Deal’s merchant profile’


You click on the plugin name to edit the plugin’s setting.


  • Registration page: You select the menu item of merchant registration page that you create in the above step.
  • Status: You set the status to ‘Enabled’.

For profile fields, you have 3 options:

  • Required: Field is displayed and user must enter value.
  • Optional: Field is displayed and user can leave field empty.
  • Disabled: Field is not displayed in profile form.

After saving the plugin, you receive the message ‘Plugin saved’.


You can visit the page for merchant registration in your front-end to check if the merchant’s profile fields are displayed there. The page could look like the following screenshot.